History of Bridge Logos

Bridge Logos began in 1967 as Logos International Fellowship in Plainfield, New Jersey. We are celebrating our fiftieth year of publishing.

A jeweller by the name of Dan Malachuk started Logos by publishing The Challenging Counterfeit by Raphael Gasson. A year later we published Run Baby Run by Nicky Cruz. This exciting autobiography of a former gang leader continues to be one of our best sellers.

As time went on, Logos International Fellowship became Bridge Publishing, Inc. Its new owner Raymond Stanbury started the very successful series of Pure Gold Classics and this series continues to minister to untold thousands of people.

Guy and Kitty Morrell acquired Bridge Publishing in the early nineties, they changed the company name to Bridge-Logos Publishers in order to join together the two previous companies. Eventually the company moved to New Brunswick, New Jersey. Under their dedicated leadership the company grew as relationships with key authors grew.

Bridge-Logos began to publish the works of Ray Comfort, Liberty Savard, Kathryn Kuhlman and many others under the Morrells’ leadership.

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