Incredible Intervention

ISBN: 9781610362139

Living Life in the Miracles of God

Incredible Intervention is about ordinary life intercepted by an extraordinary God. It's about getting caught off guard in a moment of supernatural showoff from a God who loves us deeply and most intentionally. You will find stories of healing, rocks disappearing, angelic visitation, dreams from God and much more. Prepare to be captivated by the impossible and catapulted into an invitation to greater dimensions of intimacy with God.

At the end of Incredible Intervention the author will take you through three Bible Studies which are titled: "The Mindset of a Giant Slayer" (the study of David and Goliath), "The Baptism of the Holy Spirit" (why the Day of Pentecost wasn't just for that day), and "Refiner's Fire" (the purification process of every believer)

Through your union with the Holy Spirit, the adventures that await you will be adventures your eyes have never seen and your heart has never imagined.



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Incredible Intervention


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