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Latest Book Releases

Latest Book Releases

Let There Be Joy

This is a beautiful Christmas Devotional from Carol Burton McLeod, Let There Be Joy. Join Carol on a 25-day journey in this Christmas devotional that will challenge you to embrace an eternal message and meaning of the season.

More Prayers That Change Things

Lloyd Hildebrand has blessed us once again with a sequel to Prayers That Change Things. This new treasure of a book helps readers go deeper with God through praying His Word and finding His answers as they pray.

Our Good Father

New to the Bridge family, Pierre Eade is a published author and pastor.  Our Good Father takes the words of Jesus to bring a fresh understanding to the person of God the Father. Using personal stories, analogies and humor, Our Good Father uses the words of Jesus to paint a picture of the true nature of God. Insightful and thought provoking but also inspiring and entertaining too.

Banana Man

Another inspiring book from Ray Comfort. Learn how the demeaning name of Banana man opened amazing doors for the gospel. Be encouraged, fascinated and delighted, this book will surely bring your own fears into perspective as you share your faith.

Dumpsters and Diamonds

We are so pleased to welcome back Jackie Holland. Jackie is the author of Exposed Heart a book that touched so many lives. Join Jackie now as she shares her stories which will cheer you on to achieve your dreams and stir up your visions. Jackie is a minister and president of Whosoever Will Outreach Ministries, a ministry that reaches out to the hurting, sick and fearful.

My African Dream

Welcome to Mark and Patricia Roser. Sharing their missionary memoirs from 30 years in war torn Zimbabwe, this beautifully documented story will change your view of the world and your place in it. A must read for anyone planning to go on the mission field.

Prayers of the Presidents

Welcome back to Larry Keefauver, Larry has been part of the Bridge family for many years, as an author, editor and consultant.  Join our nations presidents throughout history in prayer from George Washington to Donald J. Trump.

Pentecost to Present, Book Two: Reformations and Awakenings

Jeff Oliver joined us last year and we are delighted to be releasing Pentecost to Present Book Two. Jesus once spoke of a time when men would sleep and an enemy would come and sow tares among the wheat. The Renaissance, the Enlightenment, and the Modern Age was just such a time. ​This second instalment demonstrates how signs and wonders played a role in the foundations of nearly every new state church, free church, and denomination.

Answers to Prayer

George Mueller (1805–1898) is widely considered one the greatest men of prayer and faith since the days of the New Testament. He led four far-reaching, influential ministries, but we know him best today for his orphanages. Be inspired as you read how armed only with faith and prayer he saved thousands of abandoned children.

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