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Jeff Oliver, author of Pentecost To the Present is our focus author for the month of July.

Jeff has written three books so far and they are being very well received in the marketplace.

Book One: Prophetic and Spiritual Gifts Movements covers the period from the early Church through the Middle Ages when much of Northern Europe was converted through miracle-working missionary monks.

Book Two: Reformations and Awakenings covers the period from the Middle Ages to the early twentieth century, including the Renaissance, the Enlightenment and how they affected Christianity both in Europe and the New World.

Book Three: Worldwide Revivals and Renewals brings us up to the present day, sparked by the 1904-05 Welsh Revival and the Azusa Street Revival in 1906 followed by the charismatic renewal and the global rise of Pentecostalism.

Jeff Oliver is the founder and president of Global Wakening, a ministry that is inspiring and equipping a new generation with a supernatural Christian worldview to ignite a global wakening of God’s church. 

Jeff and his wife Faith, currently reside in Charlotte, North Carolina where they enjoy traveling, speaking and spending time with their grandchildren and West Highland Terrier, Gracie Lou. Their website is:           

Watch Jeff's introduction to the books and find out why he wrote them here:

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