A Mother of Thousands

ISBN: 9781610364058

From Barren to Revolutionary 

"Heather, you can't create life..."
This was the message Heather DeJesus Yates, speaker and author of All The Wild Pearls, heard every month pregnancy tests came back negative.
"If you feel like everyone else can create life, except you - you know what it feels like to be the barren woman."
Since ancient times, to be barren was to be cursed. For couples struggling with infertility today, it can feel like nothing has changed.
But there is hope for the barren womb...
...the impossible is possible now...
 ...all thanks to an empty tomb!

In her characteristic way of drawing hope from God's tiniest creations, Heather shares her personal journey with infertility grief, even giving her husband control of some of the pages - and introduces you to a barren plant that changed everything.
"In God's economy a barren plant can take over a yard, and a barren woman can be a mother...even a mother of thousands!"

The creative God of all things plant and person can bring revolution from the barren. Where we see an inability to bring life - whether it's through a broken soul or a broken womb - God sees potential for generations seated at our farmhouse tables in our forever family.

Offering hope within a community of real womens' stories with infertility, A Mother of Thousands is the empathetic friend you want and the hopeful path out of broken dreams you need. This is the book I was looking for years ago, but couldn't find. So I wrote it.  This is for the revolutionary - for you, mama - who just may not see it yet.


This is a book that you will read again and again - and that you will give to others who are dealing with their own despair." -Carol McLeod, Author, Speaker and Teacher, Founder of CarolMcLeod Ministries

If you feel you are living without purpose, A Mother of Thousands will call you out of the shadows and plant roots of hope in your heart that will give new life to your soul." -Julie Wilkerson Klose, author, Giving Hope

364058: A Mother Of Thousands: From Barren to Revolutionary

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A Mother of Thousands


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