Beauty From Ashes

ISBN: 978-1-61036-998-5

My Story of Grace

Introducing Beauty from Ashes by Donna Sparks, a captivating and inspiring memoir that takes readers on a transformative journey. In this revised edition, we are thrilled to present a gripping new chapter that further delves into the author's life, revealing additional layers of healing, redemption, and victory.

Donna Sparks fearlessly opens up about her past, which was once plagued by shattered relationships and self-destructive tendencies. However, amidst the ruins, she discovers a glimmer of hope as the Lord extends His hand, tenderly lifting her from the ashes and into His loving embrace. With transparency and vulnerability, Donna recounts how her life underwent a remarkable transformation, leading to a profound and powerful relationship with God. But the story doesn't end there.

This revised edition includes a captivating new chapter that explores the author's continued growth and journey with the Lord. As Donna Sparks shares how her faith has strengthened, readers are invited to witness the unfolding of her spiritual transformation. Through her heartfelt words, she presents God's unwavering capacity to restore even the most broken souls, showing that He turns our ashes into something truly beautiful.

Furthermore, Beauty from Ashes emphasizes a fundamental truth - that God's desire is to use those who struggle, empowering them to become vessels worthy of His divine purpose. By sharing her testimony and offering uplifting encouragement, Donna Sparks dismantles any excuses readers may have for doubting their own worth or the power of the Holy Spirit to work in their lives. We are also delighted to announce that the foreword for this edition is written by Laura Lynn Tyler-Thompson.

Her words of praise and endorsement add an additional layer of credibility to this empowering memoir. Prepare to be moved, inspired, and challenged as you journey with Donna Sparks through the pages of Beauty from Ashes. Discover the profound truth that no matter what your past holds or the apprehensions you may carry, the Holy Spirit stands ready to empower and use you in ways you never deemed possible.

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Beauty From Ashes


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