ISBN: 9780882704814

This novel is a page-turner from beginning to end. So many lives were affected by a fatal accident that took place one stormy morning. It took the lives of a minister's wife, two of their daughters, and their son.

The surviving daughter and her twin brother were left with great bitterness, heartache, and sorrow. The father, a Baptist pastor, was so devastated that he left the ministry. Meanwhile, the young man who felt responsible for the accident had to fight through a swirling maelstrom of guilt, shame, and horror.

The reader will be stirred to the core by the emotional impact of this story with all its intrigue, surprises, and its vivid insights into the human condition. The writing is raw, intense, compelling, and moving. It is easy to readily identify with the feelings, experiences, and thoughts of each of the characters.

Ashley King began writing stories at age six, chapter books at eight, and novels at fourteen. She recently graduated summa cum laude from Mount Vernon Nazarene University earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Print Communications. She served as Art Director for the Lakeholm Viewer, the university?s newspaper, and had four short stories published in Penmarks of the Literati, the university?s literary journal. She has worked as a nanny, a laborer for a construction company, a waitress, a daycare teacher, a camp counselor, a secretary, a librarian?s assistant, art director, photographer, and a nurse?s aide. Today she lives on a miniature farm in Georgetown, Ohio, where she is completing research for her next novel, and living happily ever after.





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