ISBN: 9780882709291

King David's life story contains intrigue, passion, deceit, faith, love, fear, massive wars, hopes and dreams, bravery, sins, and repentance – all the elements of a best seller. You will understand that there once was a physical world surrounding the people of the Bible, that the text is more than just words. It’s a history of these great people, who lived in a completely different world yet suffered the same modern-day troubles.

Through the events of the main character, you will learn Bible lessons and come to know the face of God. You will learn that David’s power was rooted in unrestrained repentance, making him a man after God’s own heart.

"David J. Ferreira is a top historical writer . . . a great story. Very well told." - The Mercury August, 2009

"Well written, well researched, as well as, and at times even better than Taylor Caldwell, Francine Rivers, C Lloyd Douglas and AH Venter. (What a great talent you have)." - Impact Radio

David Ferreira studied at the University of South Africa and has been writing fiction for more than a decade. Apart from being a gifted storyteller and author, David has been a devout Christian since childhood, and is currently attending discipleship at Charis Church in Pretoria. His books are his ministry. He has always been fascinated by the biblical figure of King David . The Bible books of 1 and 2 Samuel have always helped and inspired him during the difficult times in his life. David Ferreira has also published Christian poetry. He has been rewarded with the Prestigious Editor's Choice Awards.





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