Divine Dining

ISBN: 9781610362740

Foods from the Bible

This unique cookbook—by award-winning chef Lance Nitahara and award-winning filmmaker and author Ray Comfort—utilizes foods mentioned in the world’s bestselling book of all time, the Bible. However, these biblically based recipes include a modern, gourmet touch to satisfy today’s tastebuds.  These recipes will introduce you to dishes cooked around the world, present some unusual ingredients you may not have tried, and help you feed on timeless truths along the way, with verses about foods sprinkled throughout the pages.

Recipes include: Roasted Quail Stuffed with Farro and Figs  |  Ezekiel’s Grain Salad  Broiled Tilapia  |  Amandine Einkorn Flatbread  |  Lentil Stew Braised Oxtail with Squash and Leeks  |  Cinnamon Raisin Loaf Beef en Croute  |  Ricotta, Almond, and Pomegranate Parfait

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Divine Dining


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