ISBN: 9780882706085

This Spirit-filled Classic is a re-release of Don McMinn’s popular book on worship and experiencing the presence of God. His book shows that we are made to worship the Father. Pastor McMinn points out that Jesus died so that we might become true worshipers of God.

Chapter titles in this book reveal the depth of teaching it contains. Some of those titles are:

The Chief End of Man

Worship—the “Opus Dei”

Offerings in Righteousness

Christ Praising Through Us

The Childlikeness of Praise

On Earth as It Is in Heaven

The author writes: “What Happens when we are found by God? . . . If the Father seeks those who will worship Him in spirit and in truth, a divine encounter occurs. We are found by God! God begins to reap the benefit of His creative endeavors, we begin to fulfill our eternal mission, and all of creation rejoices at such satisfaction.”

Don McMinn points out that the ultimate directive of the universe is the praise and worship of God, and this book provides the reader with practical principles that lead to effective worship in God’s holy presence.





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