ISBN: 9780882709970

Andre, a once decorated war hero turned career criminal takes part in an above top secret government experiment along with twelve other prison inmates shortly before the known world comes to a virtual end. They are awakened one thousand years later into a world far different from which they left.

In that world, Andre finds himself in a battle for a new life against the worst enemy mankind has ever faced. Full of twists and turns Final Awakening delivers excitement, suspense, and a jaw dropping, wow!

C.D. Vickers is the product of a hard working middle class Mom and Dad. In 1982 he met Suzanne, the love of his life and married her before she could get away. Together they have two incredible children, Nicole and Mason, and are first time recent grandparents of Valentine Boudreau. He is the owner of a successful life insurance agency, earning the designation of Certified Senior Consultant along the way. After developing a how to manual entitled “Automated Term Life Selling System”, he has trained literally hundreds of agents throughout the years to help protect the assets of their clients. An avid science fiction fan, C.D. Vickers has written two other fast paced, Sci-Fi novels, The Lazarus Boy and The Dream Man. But rest assured, all have easy to follow yet amazingly attention grabbing, page turning, hard to predict plots.





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