ISBN: 9780882702346

Forgiveness is a practical look at all aspects of forgiving in your life. It is not written from a theological or academic point of view but from a personal one, and has a warm personal message for both Christians and non-Christians. Within its pages you'll find...

The benefits of forgivingWhat forgiveness is and is not

Ten practical steps to forgiveness

How to forgive others, God, and yourself

How forgiveness affects your self-image

How to once-and-for-all receive forgiveness

Why forgiveness can set you free

A millionaire by age 27, Paul J. Meyer launched his dream business—Success Motivation Institute Inc.—dedicated to motivating people to their full potential. He is considered by many to be the founder of the personal development industry. The Meyer family operates over 40 companies and supports over 30 charities worldwide. Paul maintains his lifelong goal of doing all the good he can for as many people as he can.

702346: Forgiveness, the Ultimate Miracle

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