ISBN: 9781610364010

Women of the Bible who Dared to do Extraordinary Things

What do Jochebed, Rahab, Abigail, the woman at the well, the woman with the issue of blood, and Priscilla have in common? Find Your Fearless in Their Stories.

It's not easy to find our voice in a loud world. We wrestle with nagging questions that chip away at our worth, uncertain if we're up to the challenges around us. It's exhausting carrying pain from the past, pressure from the present, and fear of the future. Is it possible to rise above the doubts that kill our courage and move forward into God's call on our lives? We might just be surprised to hear what these women have to say about the complex dilemmas we face today. 

You're invited to discover what happens when uncommon faith has an unexpected encounter with an extraordinary God. Stop the cycle of comparison and overcome the barriers to fearless living as you ground your worth in the Word instead of the world. 

This 6-Session Bible Study will help you to:

  • Stand Up: Develop God-confidence to step into your unique calling
  • Stand Out: Seize God-moments to make culture-shaping choices 
  • Stand Strong: Embrace God-sized dreams to become a catalyst for change 

Whether you're longing to realize your purpose, fighting for a God-given cause, or kicking fear to the curb, you will find your fearless in the inspiring stories of ordinary women of the Bible who dared to do extraordinary things.

364010: Fearless: Ordinary Women of the Bible who Dared Extraordinary Things

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