ISBN: 9780882709840

God’s Tsunami is about biblical prophecy and how its fulfillment is joining the destinies of Israel and the nations of the world. The shockwaves from this convergence are generating a spiritual tidal wave of change that is affecting all the Earth.

God’s Tsunami makes prophetic connections for today’s Christian reader, connecting current events in the Middle East with God’s goal of end-time revival. This book explains why Israel is a nation again today and how the end-time events predicted by Jesus in Matthew 23 and 24 will take place in the very near future.

Peter Tsukahira was born in America and now is an Israeli citizen. Peter and his wife, Rita, a Jewish believer, moved to Tokyo, Japan, in 1982, where they pastored a growing international church. Five years later, they became new immigrants to Israel and settled on historic Mount Carmel. After the Gulf War in 1991, Peter co-founded the congregation of Kehilat Ha-Carmel (Carmel Assembly). He also directs the Or HaCarmel (Light of Carmel) Ministry Center and the Mt. Carmel School of Ministry. He also serves on Dr. Yonggi Cho’s Board of Directors.




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