ISBN: 9780882705972

Heaven Tours is Rita’s second book on the fascinating topic of Heaven. Through biblical teaching and the stories of people who have visited Heaven and have had near-death experiences, this book clearly presents Heaven as a real place of unconditional love, tangible peace, phenomenal beauty, radiant light, and great glory.

In this book you will read true stories of people who have gone to Heaven for a short while and have returned to Earth totally changed. There are also stories of those who have seen Heaven prior to their deaths. This is a book of comfort, spiritual understanding, and emotional healing. It will help people to overcome the fear of death, and it will eradicate doubts about Heaven that some people struggle with.

For those who have lost loved ones, this book will give reassurance, peace, and hope. The rich commentary and biblical teaching in Heaven Tours are both inspiring and informative. Rita openly addresses and directly answers people’s questions about Heaven and life.

Rita Bennett is known internationally for her work in emotional and spiritual healing. In June,2008. Rita received her MA degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. Since 1981 Rita’s Emotionally Free Course has grown throughout the U.S. and East Africa. Ms. Bennett’s ministry has taken her to eleven countries and her eleven previous books have sold nearly a million books. She is the President and CEO of Christian Renewal Association Inc., Edmonds, Washington. She is the wife of the late Dennis Bennett.

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705972: Heaven Tours: Astonishing Journeys

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