ISBN: 9781610362658

A Memoir from Cancer Survivor and Amputee Melissa Eadie

Melissa Eadie was first diagnosed with cancer at the tender age of 14. While her peers were experiencing high school, the latest trends, and youthful ambitions, Melissa became familiar with the four corners of her hospital room. For the next 10+ years, “cancer,” was a part of her everyday vocabulary. Tragically, her second diagnosis at 19 resulted in the loss of her right leg. A two-time cancer survivor and above knee amputee, Melissa’s life is the definition of strength and perseverance, but she knows that victory includes the painful fight to the finish line. More than just a memoir, Melissa walks you through her vulnerable, “diary” moments in the process of growth, grieving, and forgiveness. Melissa’s unbreakable passion will help you: • Remember that loss does not need to define or destroy you. • Experience the reality that beauty can come from ashes and understand how loss inspires us to value our life in a profound way. • Discover the indescribable peace that flows from our faith in the midst of crashing waves. Melissa will sit with you through the pain and offer you the voice of comfort your soul has been searching for. Her story will lead you to the God that wraps you in love and shows you what it means to be … Held.

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