ISBN: 9780993284502

Even living under the spotlight of public life that shone so powerfully into Craig’s affairs and personal life had failed to illuminate a deadly, personal secret, so powerful that it threatened to not only destroy him but his wife, family and friends and even his very existence.

No stranger to controversy, at 34 years old, the youngest speaker of the Michigan House of Representatives, Craig’s natural empathy and talent for people and justice had resulted in a meteoric rise in the political arena of the biggest democracy in the western world.  But, beneath the polished public life all was not well.  The glittering image was shattered one cold, snowy evening in a small town when the secret that had been so carefully managed and hidden made an unexpected and unwelcome entry onto the public stage.

What followed was a series of events that caused the catastrophic downfall of the man so many ordinary people had come to know and love – showing their support at the ballot box: the only place where their opinion really mattered.

This is his own story – the unvarnished truth.

But, there was someone who had known about this secret life and for many years and watched and waited.




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