Her Grief Was Heard

ISBN: 9781610364041

Diary from a Young Widows Heart

Do you feel like you are alone in your grief? Her Grief Was Heard is a unique approach to a devotional using diary entries from Cady's journal after she lost her husband at age 24. The author doesn't shy away from hard questions she struggles with during her grief process. The candid dialogue between the young widow and God are not only emotionally validating for any reader, but also show that no emotion is too dark or ugly for God. Don't be surprised if you see chapters titled by questions you wanted to ask God but felt too afraid to say them. As Cady vulnerably wrestles with her questions and raw emotions, she finds one thing that is irreplaceable- hope. We believe you will too. Each chapter is woven in Scripture that will tenderly comfort your grieving soul. And in each chapter, you will find that there is only One who can pick up the pieces of your broken heart.

364041: Her Grief Was Heard: Diary From A Young Widow

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Her Grief Was Heard


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