ISBN: 9780882704418

Taking on the issue of “spectator Christianity” in his book Infusion, Jack Redmond writes to a Church that has been passive in reaching out to a sinful and dying world. He challenges believers to learn to receive what God gives: forgiveness, authority, love, and to grow in those things and shift the focus from self toward helping others.

Redmond illustrates how the Church is populated by ordinary people who are called by God to be extraordinary through the power of the Holy Spirit, and how God is restoring the ministry of the common believer. We have a life—changing faith and the cure to sin-sickness, and we should spend our lives pouring these out. God created us for greatness.

The title of the book, Infusion, means to cause to penetrate, to instill, to fill or to be filled with something. The author makes the point that our world is in a desperate need of an infusion of Jesus Christ. God has given the Church greater authority and power than many of us realize. Christianity can change when individuals embrace what God has called them to do. Once we embark on this journey, our true Christian adventure begins.

Jack Redmond received Christ at age twenty-seven and immediately became a believer who took the Word of God seriously. He began his Christian walk as an usher in the church where he was saved, Christ Church in Montclair, N. J, and has served there as the Director of Youth Ministry for the last ten years. He founded Fourth Generation Ministries and is the Co-Founder of Generation Holy Youth Coalition. He has appeared on Christian television, written books, articles, and ministry manuals dedicated to inspiring not only young people, but all believers to take God’s Word to heart. He lives in New Jersey with his wife and four children.





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