ISBN: 9781610362665

From the Jungle to the Jordan

Tony had mastered the art of hiding the frightened child, behind the mask of a fearless criminal. Years later, exhausted from holding up that same weary disguise, he headed for Peru in pursuit of freedom and truth in sheer desperation. Stumbling from bar to bar in hope of something, anything, Tony found a connection to take him to meet a shaman the following day. With a bottle of water in hand to nurse a significant hangover Tony boarded the cramped fishing boat. No amount of hard living could have prepared him for what he would be spiritually subjected to deep in the Amazon Jungle. He had opened himself up to the realms of the demonic through torturous Ayahuasca ceremonies. When returning to London drenched in fear and darkness, suicide seemed to be the only escape from his vivid evil manifestations. One night alone and frightened he experienced a vision which promised him a way out. But there was something he needed to do first before it could happen. This is that true story.

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