ISBN: 9780882707822

Pastor Charles M. Sheldon tramped the streets of Topeka, Kansas, disguised as an unemployed printer to research the help and concern of Christians and Christian churches. Shocked at how little he received, he wrote a series of stories asking the question, “What would Jesus do?” The stories were about what happened when a handful of Christians began to answer that question honestly, and then do what they believed He would do—regardless of the results. He read the stories from his pulpit on Sunday evenings. Within a few weeks, he was reading to standing-room only crowds of mostly young people.

The revised and expanded Pure Gold Classic version of In His Steps contains:

Names of Sheldon's fictional characters in the town of Raymond, Illinois.

Names of his fictional characters in the city of Chicago, Illinois.

Pictures used for many of his fictional characters, buildings, and locations in Raymond and in Chicago.

A map of the town of Raymond showing the location of the buildings and streets in the story.

Story events and characters woven into the social and historical context of the 1890s, the time-period in which Sheldon set his story.

Large, easy-to-read print.




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