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The media bombards us daily with disturbing images and reports related to terroristic threats from radical, fundamentalist, Islamists. Is Islam a peaceful religion or a seedbed for terrorism?

What are the differences between Christianity and Islam? What does the Koran teach? How closely related are the Bible and the Koran? Islam & Christianity is the best resource available on today’s market to help seekers find the answers to these very important and timely questions.

James Gauss presents us with an insightful and interesting contrast between Islam and Christianity, and this will enable people of all faiths to understand the differences between the two religions. This book delves into both the Bible and the Koran and a multitude of other sources to show how Christianity and Islam are on a collision course because of the distinct differences between the two.

James Gauss sheds light on the practices and teachings of Islam, which will enable non-Muslims to understand the battle that is before them and to make vital choices for the future. Islam & Christianity gives a clarion call to the Church and society, a call that is a prophetic warning to us all.

Dr. James F. Gauss has worked with and researched the Muslim faith and the Muslim culture in America on a daily basis for the past five years. Dr. Gauss has 40 years of writing and speaking experience, and has been on numerous radio programs and television shows. He has written hundreds of articles for newspapers, and magazines, and has published seven Christian books. He has taught and preached on biblical principles for thirty years.

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270611: Islam & Christianity: A Revealing Contrast

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