ISBN: 9781610360999

Katie and Addie (with J.D.) Love Christmas tells the heartwarming story of the family drive to the country to cut the perfect Christmas tree, and the adventure of climbing way up to the attic with Daddy to carry down the ornaments. All the family decorates the tree with the special help of two mischievous cats and then the family gathers together as daddy reads the first Christmas story about the birth of baby Jesus. Christmas morning the family gathers together around a special birthday cake to celebrate the birthday of Jesus.

The Katie and Addie Love . . . series was born from Michele Wetteland's desire to put into print her joys in raising twins and to bring quick and easy, high-quality, faith-based, entertaining family times into the lives of both parents and children.

"Katie and Addie (with J.D.) Love Christmas provides a glimpse into the lives of our fun-loving twin daughters with their adorable little brother in tow. It is sure to delight and engage children of any age. I remember many of these adventures well, and am thrilled with the way my wife has delivered them from our home to yours." (John Wetteland, 1996 World Series MVP, New Yankees; 2005 Texas Rangers Hall of Fame inductee)

"Katie and Addie (with J.D.) Love Christmas because they grew up in a home filled with passionate love for God, family, and others. Such love allowed for the wonders of every occasion to permeate and inspire their lives. Don't miss the wonders any longer! Join Katie and Addie in the great adventure of God's love." (Jackie Kendall, best-selling author of Lady in Waiting)

"It has been so much fun watching Katie and Addie grow up. I know you will love the super-fun adventure of Katie and Addie (with J.D.) Love Christmas! Michele is creative and funny. Her children's books will be a holiday favorite! (Kim Girardi, wife of New York Yankees Manager, Joe Girardi)

Michelle Wetteland is a sought after National public speaker, motivator, and teacher. She has been married for more than 20 years to John Wetteland, the 1996 World Series MVP for the New York Yankees, and 2005 Texas Rangers Hall of Fame inductee. Together, they have traveled the world in numerous capacities sharing God's love, while raising their five children. They live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  





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