Kathryn Kuhlman a Theology of Miracles

ISBN: 9781610362559

How Kathryn Kuhlman was led by the Holy Spirit in the greatest healing revival meetings of the 20th Century

Kathryn Kuhlman helped to shape a generation of Pentecostal/Charismatic theology and practice by reintroducing a depth of spirituality which harkened back to the teachings of the mystics. She introduced the concept of spiritual silence to a generation of Sawdust Trail Pentecostals known for their exuberant and lively worship services, and she popularized the experience of being "slain in the Spirit." But her most notable innovation resulted from discarding healing lines and cards together with a healing theology based upon the faith of the adherents. Instead, she invited pilgrims into a transcendent experience of the manifest presence of the Holy Spirit, which rested upon a foundation of love.  

It is those miracles, and the way those miracles took place, or the 'method' or 'praxis,' that became her greatest contributions. The methodology she used and the theological basis for it are some of the most interesting and poignant aspects of her incredible life and yet what is least understood. Many have attempted to mimic her methods and to adopt her style, but few, if any, have fully understood or appreciated the theological and practical leap she made when she entered into a new realm of spiritual expression. It is this hidden manna that this book seeks to uncover.


Kathryn Kuhlman a Theology of Miracles


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