ISBN: 9781610360906

It’s never too late to change the battle between the food monster and the food police. There is an answer for it and it has to do with the Holy Spirit. The truth is that you can learn how to control your flesh and every demonic influence that brings temptations to you through the Holy Spirit. You probably attempted many of the natural weapons that are presented to people on a daily basis. These include food programs, diets, pills, books, videos, tapes, internet sites, herbal remedies, eating programs on television, counseling, hypnosis, self-pity, bathroom scales, and your mirror.

If you’ve experienced any of these approaches and they have resulted in failure, you may have despaired of ever being slim and trim. I have a word of hope for you.

Lean God’s Way is both a teaching book and a “talking book” that instructs you with regard as to how to lose weight and maintain your weight loss through the power of the Word of God, faith, trust, truth, belief, and the Holy Spirit. You will discover that your power comes as you join forces with God’s supernatural realm and start talking to your “food mountains,” instead of just talking to Jesus about them

Lean God’s Way shows you how to win and maintain complete victory over this battle. It reveals that a better quality of life is yours, as you learn to utilize multiple positive affirmations and experience the healing power of laughter and joy.Lean God’s Way will show you how to use spiritual truths and revelations to enable you to control your tongue through the power of confession, enabling you to achieve and maintain a slim-and-trim attitude and appearance.

As you learn to Lean God’s Way, you will discover how to be completely victorious so that you can live lean and long.





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