ISBN: 9780882702322

Much More Than a JOB puts forth a vision for the Body of Christ that was first stated by Jesus Christ in His Great Commission, which calls us to go into the whole world and preach the gospel. The focus is on the marketplace, the arena in which most people spend the majority of their time, and the place where the gospel is needed most.

The author shares a multitude of insights from his experiences, the experiences of others, the Bible, world leaders, and key writers as he develops his theme. The seven principles he outlines and stresses throughout the book are: vision, planning, workmanship, stewardship, servanthood, ethics/integrity, and hearing God. He presents the Christian mission to the marketplace, and spells out "the who, the what, and the why" of that mission.

Dr. W. Paul "Buddy" Crum Jr. is a visionary leader and author with a heart to empower God's people in the marketplace. With a successful business background prior to becoming a pastor, Dr. Buddy Crum is uniquely qualified to help churches develop marketplace ministry. Dr. Crum is co-senior pastor of Life Center Family Church and director of Life Center Ministries, Inc., located in Dunwoody, Georgia. He is a founding member of Christian International Business Network and founder of the Life Center Business Council, Life Center Business Cultivator, and the International Christian Marketplace Alliance. He serves on the Board of Governors of Christian International Ministries, and is a member of the Board of Directors for Christian International Business Network.





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