ISBN: 9780882706122

The anchor is an important Christian symbol of faith and hope, and the solid rock it grips is the Savior - our Lord Jesus Christ. Well-known and award-winning author Gloria Stargel shows the difference Jesus makes in the lives of those who learn to trust Him. This book is filled with personal stories of life-changing miracles and many other examples of God’s love and care in the lives of everyday people, as well as stories from celebrities such as Bill Gaither, Col. Ben Purcell, Karen Peck, and Larry Burkett.

My Anchor Holds provides soul-lifting assurance that the Lord Jesus Christ will calm the turbulence when the seas of life get rough, all the while giving your everyday life purpose, direction, and fulfillment.

Gloria Stargel is the author of the award-winning book, The Healing, One Family’s Victorious Struggle With Cancer. Called by the Lord to write for Him, her work appears in dozens of Christian magazines, including “Guideposts,” “Decision,” “Journal of Christian Nursing” and many books: God Allows U-turns, Heart of a Teacher, and the best-selling series: Chicken Soup for the Soul. Gloria is a 2003 inductee into the Brenau University Alumni Hall of Fame. She and her husband reside in Gainesville, Georgia.





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