ISBN: 9780882708713

Established author, successful businessman, international speaker, and pastor Peter Tsukahira writes with zeal and compassion to help believers understand the importance of ministry in the marketplace. This timely book is written for believers who find themselves in the business world.

The reader will learn:

Practical guidelines to achieve success in a calling to the marketplace

Insights from a pastor and congregational founder who was an executive in a multinational computer company

Prophetic Bible teaching integrated with practical advice based on personal experiences

To focus on the power and importance of developing godly character in the marketplace

About the spiritual blessings and rewards that come when one does business in God’s way

There is a growing interest among Christians in the power of the business world to advance God’s kingdom. Peter Tsukahira shows how this is possible and what one must do as a businessperson. He shows that God’s goal is not simply numerical church growth; rather, it is the transformation of society into a reflection of the Kingdom of God.

Marketing Strengths:

Provides guidance to Christians who may not be called to lead in the Church but who can lead in the business world.

Combines stories from the business world with biblical teaching.

Shows Christians how they can deal with corruption in the business world.





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