Please e-mail your proposal and manuscript to following the guidelines below.  

Your manuscript should be saved as a Microsoft Word file. The file should follow the following format:

·         Times New Roman 12 pt. type

·         Double-spaced with one-inch page margins

Please refrain from using any special formatting such as bold type or all caps, and do not include photos, graphics, or any design elements in the manuscript. Please include at least 5 sample chapters of the manuscript with your proposal.

The book proposal must include a short paragraph on each of the following:

·         Why your book is different, and how it stands out from others on the same subject

·         Why you chose Bridge Logos, and how readers may be changed for the better by reading your book

·         Information on your professional background for the past five years

·         Any previously published works

·         Speaking engagements, your upcoming calendar of events, and approximately how many people attend your events

·         Website information for you or your ministry or business

·         Social media links for your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter accounts etc

.         If you have a blog, send the link

·         Links to any YouTube or videos that you have recorded

·         Information on your relationship with the media listing any TV, magazine, radio interviews that you have had.

We are currently accepting manuscript submissions in the following categories:

·         Bible study

·         Biographies of notable Christians

·         Business, finance, and personal money management

·         Christian living

·         Contemporary issues

·         Devotionals/Personal Growth

·         Encouragement

·         Eschatology

·         Evangelism

·         Families and marriage

·         Messianic work

·         Material on our nation's heritage (history and patriotism)

·         Men's Issues

·         Political issues

·         Prayer

·         Singles

·         Social issues

·         Spirit-filled topics

·         Timely topics

·         Unusual outreach ministries

·         Women's issues

·         Youth


We do not publish poetry, photography, art, or secular material. We are currently not publishing any fiction or children's books.  Titles are selected for publication based upon their fit with our mission, their quality of writing, and their potential for market success.

Our mission at Bridge-Logos is to publish books that glorify and honor God. We want our books to further the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to make an impact on the lives of all people by publishing the changeless Word for a changing world.


Once we have reviewed your proposal and the editors have read your manuscript, we will be in touch with you. Please note this can take up to 12 weeks as we do receive a large amount of manuscript proposals. If your book is felt to be a good fit for our publishing program and fits with our mission statement and it is one that we feel we can market effectively, we will discuss a potential contract with you.


With authors that are new to Bridge Logos and authors that do not yet have an established marketing platform, we typically require a pre-purchase of books of between 1,000 to 3,000 books. The actual amount will be stipulated in the contract. The books will be offered at a highly discounted rate and we ask this as a sign of investment and commitment from the author.

We have found over the 50 years of publishing Christian books that author presence and self-promotion is absolutely key to the success of any book. We are here to help you every step of the way and look forward to working with you!


The industry lead time for new books to be presented and pre-sold is six months before their release date. Depending on where we are in our publishing program, it will typically be between twelve to eighteen months before your book is available. However, if you have speaking engagements or need the books sooner due to prior commitments, we can always work with you. 

We wish you every success with your manuscript.