Meeting God At Every Corner

ISBN: 9781610362726

365 Daily Devotions for Spirit-Led Living

Meeting God at Every Corner is an exciting new 365-day daily devotional based entirely on the teachings of Jamie Buckingham, one of the best-known and best-loved Christian leaders of his time. Jamie was known for his unique ability to teach God’s Word with grace, insight, transparency, and humor. Always relatable and accessible, Jamie sought to be Spirit-led in everything he said and did—and to encourage his fellow believers to do the same.

A decade in the making, this 365-day devotional is the compilation and capstone of Jamie’s teachings, adapted from sermons recorded over a 30-year period. Each devotion is written to give you a fresh glimpse into the multi-faceted heart of God and to challenge and inspire you to be led by His Spirit. 

Jamie’s teaching is as relevant today as ever—and maybe more so, given the unique hour in which we live. Allow him to take you on this year-long, Spirit-led, Spirit-filled journey. Deepen your understanding of what it means to live each day as Jamie did, knowing that God is always there, ready and waiting to meet you at every corner.  

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Meeting God At Every Corner


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