My African Dream

ISBN: 9781610361903

Inspiring and challenging memoir from Mark and Patrica Roser documenting their adventures over the past 30 years in war torn Zimbabwe. From colonialism to poverty, war, dictators and AIDS, this beautifully documented story will change your view of the world and your place in it.                                                                                    
A young man returns his hard-earned scholarship and goes to war-torn Zimbabwe. A beautiful schoolteacher carries her wedding dress across the ocean to marry him. Told through their eyes, they witness all the dramatic wildness of the African saga: animism, colonialism, tribalism, poverty, war, dictators, refugees, and AIDS. 
Spanning three decades, My African Dream is an epic adventure of firm faith and loyal love. It chronicles how a family, a nation, and a continent are changed and emerge in a world vastly different from what they entered. It is not just the story of Africa but redemptive history; a narrative of how a loving, holy Creator-Redeemer rescues us and transforms our world.  It is an account of not only where Africa has been, but where she’s headed - more Christians in African than North America.
The Rosers’ memoirs will open for you a wide window into the soul of Africa, telling her real story, close-up. You will laugh and cry as you experience this roller coaster ride in a land on the brink of anarchy. 

My African Dream embodies many vital Christian subjects such as missions, evangelism, family life, discipleship, spiritual warfare, the end times, and the spirit-filled life. These subjects are interwoven in the narrative and are shown, not told, by a living, firsthand account. The Rosers also unveil the inner workings of the African mindset, observed by virtue of close daily interactions over a period of twenty years as permanent residents and mentors. Written in deep point of view, their story describes actual people, sights, sounds, and actions in the first person, present tense, as experienced by Mark and Pat in Africa.

MARK AND PATRICIA ROSER started Uttermost Missions in 1986, and have worked in international missions for over thirty years. In Zimbabwe, they served year-round for twenty-two years, pioneering and pastoring churches, developing curricula and administrating a four-year Bible school, undertaking relief work, conducting crusades and broadcasting on the radio. Mark has a doctorate in Biblical Studies from Logos Graduate School and a master’s degree from Baptist Christian University. He has written three other books: The Cleansing of the Heavens, foreword by C. Peter Wagner, The Unsealed Book, and God’s Sovereignty. Patricia Roser has a bachelor’s in Education from Xavier University and a two year diploma in Christian Counselling. She is a motivational speaker and conducts seminars on marriage, raising children and living in wholeness. Patricia loves the African bush and has enjoyed creating homes, designing, painting and using decorative art.

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My African Dream


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