ISBN: 9781610361057

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Prayers That Change Things is a new book by an established writer of books on prayer, Lloyd B. Hildebrand, who co-authored the very popular Prayers That Prevail series, Bible Prayers for All Your Needs, Praying the Psalms, Healing Prayers, and several others.

This new book contains prayers about personal feelings and situations, prayers that are built directly from the Bible. You will discover that praying the Scriptures will truly bring about changes to so many things, especially your outlook on life and the circumstances of your life.

What happens when you pray these prayers?

Your faith increases

Your mind is renewed

God's perfect will is disclosed

Intimacy with God is cultivated

God's promises are believed and received

Things begin to change

These life-imparting, life-generating, life-giving, and life-sustaining prayers are sure to bring God's answers to meet your needs. Pray them from your heart, then wait for God to speak to you. Remember, He always speaks through His Word.

This revolutionary approach joins the power of prayer with the power of God's Word.

Lloyd B. Hildebrand is the Publisher/CEO of Bridge-Logos Foundation, Inc. He has edited hundreds of books, co-authored several, and ghost-written many. He has also served as a soldier, professor, and pastor. He and his wife, Peggy, live in northern Florida.




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