Preparing for The Great Outpouring

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ISBN: 9781610362504

Is Your Heart Ready for a Move of God?

Though the Holy Spirit has spoken to many in the Body of Christ that we are on the precipice of the greatest revival the world has ever seen, our hearts need to be prepared for a move of God. Preparing for the Great Outpouring: Is Your Heart Ready for A Move of God  addresses ways in which God prepares our hearts individually and corporately for a move of the Spirit. The book delves into six areas that serve as indicators that a vessel is actually prepared for revival. Brokenness, hunger, prayer, persistence, thankfulness and courage are key heart ingredients to the move of God. These indicators have accompanied past outpourings such as the Azusa Street Revival, the Brownsville Revival and the Toronto Blessing. These essential heart attitudes serve as prophetic signals that our hearts are ready for the end time outpouring that God is about to send to the world!

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Preparing for The Great Outpouring


Why do revivals come, and better yet, what can we do to prepare? In Preparing For The Great Outpouring, my friend Charles Fox does what few authors have done, by equipping you with a God given plan. Charles Fox is one of the greatest historians of revival history, and by reading this book, you are being equipped by one of God’s generals on this subject. Now more than ever, we need a massive outpouring of God’s Spirit, and this book is written for such a time as this. Read this book, apply the principles and prepare yourself for an encounter with God that will change your life forever.
Revival is not accidental. Furthermore, revival is not entirely sovereign. Yes, the specifics and uniquenesses of each Holy Spirit outpouring throughout history are up to God’s sovereign choosing, but I am assured—no, convinced—that it’s possible to position yourself for a life-changing move of the Holy Spirit. Dr. Charles Fox offers both a Biblical and historical perspective of the non-negotiable factors that will position you for personal revival and prepare the church for corporate outpouring.
Dr. Charles Fox has laid out a warm and loving insight into the heart of God and His desire for a great spiritual renewal. The pattern of preparation for revival that Dr. Fox lays out shows an unusually keen grasp of both biblical theology and spiritual perception. This book could easily become a classic, along the lines of My Utmost for His Highest and Streams in the Desert, but focused on the greatest revival in human history that Fox believes is soon to manifest.

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