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Dr. Price had one of the most miraculous ministries ever seen. So miraculous, in fact, that some of the miracles he mentions in his book will amaze you because they are so astounding. Yet for years Dr. Price was puzzled about something that has probably puzzled you also: Why were some healed and some were not?

After a long and agonizing search he was certain he had found the answer, and so he wrote his book, The Real Faith, to share what he had found with those who needed healing but had not been healed. And what he found could be the key to your healing or the healing of a loved one.

This book is an expansion of Dr. Charles Price's classic book "The Real Faith," first self-published in 1940. This version includes a section on miracles from his autobiography, "And Signs Followed, The Story of Charles S. Price."

Charles S. Price was originally from Britain and trained in law at Wesley College, Oxford. He had a conversion experience at a Free Methodist Mission in Spokane, Washington, under the ministry of Amie Semple McPherson, when he went to her meeting to gather material to expose her. At a later meeting, he was filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke in other tongues, which was something he was determined not to do. From that time on, he became a blazing flame of evangelism and a channel for divine healing wherever he went. Often more than 10,000 people attended his meetings.

Excellent Book!

This book was the first "healing" book where I felt like I was being mentored in the subject.

I've read a lot on the subject, but it always seemed that no one would explain in detail the unanswered questions or why people didn't get healed. They would just say there wasn't enough faith and leave it at that, which was not satisfying to me.

This book answered a lot of questions and gave me a settled feeling, knowing that God would supply the faith I needed, when I needed it.

Excellent book!

E. N., Kenosha, WI





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