Restored And Forgiven

ISBN: 9781610369701

The Power of Restorative Justice

When Ray and Vi Donovan were awoken in the early hours of the morning to the horrific news that their two sons had been attacked by a gang while returning home that night, they felt as though their world had ended.

The couple discovered that one of their sons, Christopher, was fighting for his life. He later died from the injuries he sustained in the brutal attack.  The Donovans would have been forgiven for holding onto the anger they felt at the perpetrators forever.

Ray and Vi found it in their hearts to forgive the men who killed their son.

They not only let go of their anger - but in an extraordinary show of compassion, they have managed to forgive the thugs that beat their son to death.  The couple say they could not have done it without their faith and the help of the restorative justice scheme, which allowed the couple the opportunity to come face to face with the men who killed Christopher.

This touching and often heart wrenching testimony shows how through their faith in God and the restorative justice system, they have been able to forgive the people who murdered their son.
They have gone on to help many families, victims and also offenders.

Their powerful story will challenge anyone who is struggling to forgive and to discover the peace that comes with being able to do so.

369702: Restored and Forgiven: The Power of Restorative Justice

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Restored And Forgiven


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