ISBN: 9780882705040

John Wesley wrote this series of sermon commentaries to help people understand Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. It took him over 15 years to complete this important work. Over time, changes within the English language caused some of these writings to be very difficult for the average person to read, and were really only suited for the most dedicated theologian.

Through careful and sensitive editing, Clare Weakley, Jr. has brought these sermons back to life for every reader in the modern world to be able to enjoy and understand Wesley’s insights and teachings regarding the Sermon on the Mount.

Book contains a URL link to an audio download of selected excerpts.

John Wesley was born in 1703. He was one of ten surviving children. He was trained for ministry at Oxford and in 1729 joined a club of young men who were interested in spiritual growth. This group eventually became known as the Methodists. Wesley failed as a missionary to the colony of Georgia. He returned to Great Britain, and in 1738, under Moravian preacher Peter Boehler, Wesley experienced a “by faith alone” spiritual rebirth during which his heart was “strangely warmed.” This launched his evangelism work throughout the British Isles until his death in 1791.




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