ISBN: 9780882706184

Known as "the Prince of Preachers," Charles Haddon Spurgeon preached many sermons on the Holy Spirit from 1853 to 1891. This Pure Gold Classic shares many of his sermons and writings on this important topic. Here are some of the titles within this book:

The Personality of the Holy Spirit

The Indwelling and Outflowing of the Holy Spirit

The Holy Ghost Glorifying Christ

In each of his sermons, Spurgeon teaches with clarity and deep spiritual insight, as he reveals marvelous facets of the life and ministry of the Holy Spirit. When viewed in its entirety, Spurgeon on the Holy Spirit shows the fullness of the Holy Spirit to the reader. This book is filled with a wondrous light that floods the reader's mind, deepens his spiritual understanding, and promotes his rapid spiritual growth.

Charles Haddon Spurgeon was saved in 1850 when he was fifteen. The following year he became known as "the boy preacher" after preaching his first sermon in a cottage in Teversham, Cambridge, England. Not long afterward, when he was nineteen, he was invited to speak at the renowned New Park Street Chapel, where a month later he accepted their call to become the church's pastor. The church grew from a few hundred to 3000 people under his ministry. In 1861, a new buidling was erected, the Metropoolitan Tabernacle in Southwark, England. It held 4000 people, and was filled to capacity at every service. Spurgeon preached his last semon in Menton, France, where he was recuperating from an illness. He died fourteen days later at the age of fifty-eight.




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