Search N Rescue

ISBN: 9781610362160

Guiding Unbelievers To The Savior

Search and Rescue is a practical guide to reaching people with the good news of Jesus Christ. Eddie has been teaching evangelism classes and leading outreaches for the past six years. As producer/director of Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron’s TV show, The Way of the Master, Eddie knows how to communicate deep truths in a way that is easy to grasp. Many Christians want to share the gospel with friends and family, but few actually do. Fear of rejection stifles many. Others don’t share Christ because they don’t know what to say. Drawing insight from the bible, as well as personal experience, Eddie gives clear instruction on how to overcome the obstacles and share your faith.

362160: Search N Rescue: Guiding Unbelievers To The Savior

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Search N Rescue


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