She Found His Grace

ISBN: 9781610362498

A True Story of Hope, Love and Forgiveness After Abortion

When Serena Dyksen heard the news that over 2,200 babies’ remains were found on the property of abortion doctor Ulrich “George” Klopfer, her whole body went numb from shock. She began to sob tears of grief. “Is my baby one of those remains?” she questioned. Dr. Klopfer performed her abortion when she was just thirteen years old. Just months before, Serena had decided to share her abortion story. After watching one of the last scenes in the pro-life movie Unplanned, she felt it was time to share the hope and healing God had done in her life. Serena’s story reads like a traumatic tale: a childhood of dysfunction, rape, abortion at thirteen years old, a pregnant teenager at the age of sixteen, and health issues.

362492: She Found His Grace: A True Story Of Hope, Love, And Forgiveness After Abortion Click the image on the left to order directly from Christian Book at a discounted price!

She Found His Grace


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