ISBN: 9780882704197

Explore Moses' Tabernacle in the light of Jesus Christ and discover the majesty of your golden inheritance in Him. Through this book the reader will realize that the Tabernacle presents a spiritual code that can be applied to daily living. This book will: Reveal how the mysteries of the Old Testament pattern are unveiled in the New Testament; Show the hidden meaning of each aspect of the Old Testament pattern; Build your faith in Christ; Enlighten your spiritual understanding of God?s plan and purpose for your life; Help you enjoy the presence of God above all else. 
This book will help you to behold the treasures of the Temple and to understand that you are the living temple of the living God. Temple Treasures will inspire you to seek out the promise and potential that are found only in Jesus Christ.

Steven Fuson was co-founder of God's Valley School, a private, spiritually oriented, community school, where he was the schoolmaster and a full-time teacher for twenty-eight years. His ministry in God's Valley School included an outreach to homeless children and troubled youth. Descended from a line of non-denominational ministers ? great-grandfather, grandfather, and father - Steven is now dedicated to the writing of books that proclaim the majestic inheritance of God's people in the kingdom of His Son. Listen to Lloyd Hildebrand's interview with the author.





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