ISBN: 9780882707549

This Christian classic began as a series of newspaper articles written by Hannah Whitall Smith for her husband's newspaper in 1873, and became a book two years later.

Continually published for over 100 hundred years, it has been to hundreds of thousands the one book, other than the Bible, most instrumental in helping them to enter into a truly happy Christian life. Hannah proved the secret in her own life—she believed and lived what she taught. Because she did, countless others have found the secret in their lives. Now you, too, can discover in this book the secret of a happy Christian life!

"One of the most inspiring and influential books we have ever read." (Dale Evans and Roy Rogers)

Hannah Whitall Smith (1832-1911) Quaker Holiness author, was raised in a strict Quaker home and in her early years was given to morbid introspection that found little relief until her marriage to Robert Piersall Smith in 1851. They were both converted under Plymouth Brethren influence in 1858, and in 1867 had a new experience of faith that propelled them on a speaking tour of the United States and Europe. Their "Higher Christian Life" meetings in England were exceedingly popular, partly because of D. L. Moody's success there.

They remained in England due to Robert's declining health and observed the founding of the Keswick Convention in 1874, an outgrowth of their conferences.

After writing The Christian's Secret of a Happy Life (1875), she later developed ideas on the final restitution of all things, diverted herself into social causes and writing. A few years later she wrote The God of All Comfort, which, along with The Christian's Secret of a Happy Life, has become a Christian classic that has endured for over 130 years. In 1904, Hannah was stricken with crippling arthritis. Although confined to a wheelchair and in much pain for the rest of her life, she maintained an optimistic spiritual outlook until her death.




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