ISBN: 9781610362900

Threads of Life Woven by the Master

When you reflect on your life, does it seem like a series of random events or can you see a pattern emerge that points to the artistry of a Master Designer? When a leading cancer researcher and world-renowned oncologist is given a terminal cancer diagnosis, the doctor who is now a patient has an experiential conversation with the Lord. 

While reflecting on some of the major events of his life, Asher gains a perspective that gives him peace for what lies ahead. When he can see the intentional, exquisite craftsmanship of his past, he knows he can trust his future to the same Master Craftsman. 

Grab a tissue or two as you get a glimpse of a father who may soon leave this earth and the son he loves. Enjoy the customized illustrations that depict the occasion of each tapestry thread. Let Asher’s story bolster your faith that God is in control of all things, and that He weaves His love and grace into the fabric of our very being.


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