The History of the Devil

ISBN: 9781610362733

Pure Gold Classic/ A Biblical and Historical Account of Satan's Devices, Fall, and Eternal Judgment

The History of the Devil is a classic historical and religious book universally considered one of 
Daniel Defoe’s greatest works of non-fiction. The book was first published in 1726 and made an 
immediate impact on English literature, society and the ecclesiastical community in the early 
18th century and continues to enrich humanity as a faithful source of historical and biblical truth 
and wisdom. 

 The History of the Devil cleverly unfolds the actions, devices, and evil nature of Satan and his 
host of devils against God and mankind throughout the history of the world. Defoe divides 
the book into two parts: Ancient, or the time from before the creation of the universe to the 
coming of the Messiah, Jesus Christ; and Modern, or from the time of Christ and establishment 
of the Christian Church to the present day. His style is one that uniquely blends serious biblical 
principles and history with lighter satirical narrative, especially when dealing with mankind’s 
many false presuppositions about the Devil, and clearly delineates when each, or both, is 
applicable to the subject of discussion.

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The History of the Devil


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