The Life of Our Lord

ISBN: 9781610362573

Pure Gold Classic

The Life of Our Lord is a unique and special book in that it, more than any other, reflects Dickens’ love of God and faith in Jesus Christ. Within its pages, the great novelist unfolds the Gospel message of Jesus Christ, hand-written in the beautiful “Dickensian” prose the world has come to adore, specifically for his own children during their earlier years. 

This biographical sketch is not intended as a detailed chronology of the author’s life and writings, but instead is primarily a reflection on the heart of the man and the primary motivation behind his great literary works—his faith in Christ and his love for his fellow man. With humility and adoration, we add this precious book to the distinguished Pure Gold Classics collection in anticipation and expectation that young and old alike will be richly blessed by the simplicity and warmth of the story of the life of our Savior that Dickens left as a blessing to the world and a glorious testimony of his own personal relationship with the Lord. 


The Life of Our Lord


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