The Masquerade

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ISBN: 9781610362481

Deception in the Last Days

Deception abounds in the world today as Satan continues his masquerade as an angel of light. But while he may be the king of deception, he is not alone in marketing falsehood and deceiving multitudes with lies and twisted beliefs. Jesus warned His disciples to not allow themselves to be deceived. And Paul warned Timothy to stay away from people who welcome, live in, and teach deception. Deceptive teachings lead only to trouble and sorrow. But the Truth will reveal and deliver us from them. Join author and evangelist, Donna Sparks, as she takes up the important task of exposing deception and removing the masks from lies masquerading as truth.


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The Masquerade


Donna Sparks challenges readers’ perceptions as she peels away the deceptive veneer surrounding some of today’s most contentious topics confronting Christians. This is more than a book, it’s a clarion cry to end the ensnaring charades and discover real freedom.
Donna Spark’s new book, The Masquerade, restores clarity to our culture-blurry eyes while provoking us to speak out in love.

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