The Word On The Street

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ISBN: 9781610362474

How to Share the Gospel in the Open Air

In the midst of a godless culture, Paul did what was necessary to reach the masses with the message of everlasting life: he reasoned about Jesus “in the marketplace daily with those who happened to be there” (Acts 17:17) and preached on Mars Hill, on the main route to the Parthenon in Athens.
We too are living in the midst of a godless society, and those in the streets desperately need to hear God’s Word. If we are serious about reaching this dying world, let us emulate Jesus and the apostles and preach where sinners gather. In thirty minutes, a good open-air preacher can reach more unsaved people than the average church does in a year.
If you’re ready for something more exhilarating than skydiving, arguably more scary, and infinitely more productive, try preaching the gospel in public.
For nearly fifty years Ray Comfort has preached the gospel in the open air and witnessed oneto-one to thousands. During those years he has learned certain biblical principles that make reaching the lost so much easier.
In this publication you will find everything he learned and everything you need to know:

  • * Who should do it?
  • * Where should you go?
  • * How do you get started?
  • * What do you say?

With this helpful guide, you too can follow in the footsteps of the Savior and preach the Word on the street. There is no higher calling.

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The Word On The Street


Jesus did it. Paul did it. Old Testament prophets did it, and you should do it. Thanks to Ray’s new book, you can do it. Ray Comfort is on the Mount Rushmore of Open-Air Preachers. No single individual has had more impact on open-air preaching and evangelism in the last century than Ray Comfort. Why would we not want to learn from a modern-day giant? His hard-earned wisdom will equip you with everything you need to know about sharing the gospel in the open air. When it comes to open-air preaching, no one has more road miles than Ray Comfort. Glean from his wisdom, and hit the streets.
Some people say that street evangelism is more of a deterrent in today’s postmodern culture and that it’s more about relational evangelism. You really can’t make a statement like that. Look at some of the things God called His prophets to do: go stand in the street, go preach, do this. You can’t say that street preaching is bad today or it was good in Whitefield’s time. It’s always been a scandal.

There are people who are gifted at street preaching and I really appreciate them. One of them is my friend Ray Comfort. He is just gifted at street preaching because he can stand there and tell you things and you may get as mad as a hornet but you still see the love that he has and the kindness and everything. All witnessing is relational; all preaching is relational. It is; it’s just a different way. Ray Comfort can have forty people around him and be preaching on the street and be relational to all of them.

It is obvious that Ray loves God and has been called to proclaim the gospel to the lost. I have watched him be cruelly caricatured, mocked, threatened, cursed, and spit upon. And yet, his love for the unconverted remains undaunted and his boldness untempered. He seems to personify Psalm 126:6,“He who goes to and fro weeping, carrying his bag of seed, shall indeed come again with a shout of joy, bringing his sheaves with him”(NASB). I praise God for this grace that has been given to Brother Comfort and am encouraged to carry on in my own station by his example. May he remain faithful to the end.

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