ISBN: 9781610360050

When the fun you are having isn't fun enough . . .
When the truth you are buying isn't truth enough . . .
When the life you are living isn't life enough . . .

Could the unsettledness you're feeling be God's way of getting your attention? Is your soul telling you to stop ignoring these impulses and nudges?

If you are longing for something more in your life, this book is for you. It's every person's story about soul-evolution that provides practical answers to life's deepest questions.

We are living in unsettled times; these are times when we must move beyond easy-believism into something that is honest, sustainable, and true.

St. Augustine wrote, " . . . our hearts are restless till they find rest in You." Unsettled will help you discern what is really happening inside and help you find resolution and rest.

"Piet cares deeply about people 'getting it' when it comes to matters of faith . . . Gotta read this book!" (Ron Luce, President and co-founder of Teen Mania Ministries)





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