ISBN: 9780882706023

Three elderly widows, a group of senior citizens, a family gathered for a birthday party, and a charming young woman named Letty Vanesse all come together in a raucous, delightful, way that is an answer to prayer. At the center of it all is O’Malley House, a sprawling Victorian mansion in Danford, Montana, that holds all the answers for happiness and fulfillment, restoration and hope.

When young Letty organizes a group of elderly seniors and they converge on the house to fix and repair and catalogue the priceless contents, lives change. And when mansion-owner Katherine O’Malley impulsively offers to hold an extravagant birthday party at the mansion it brings a family back together and is the catalyst groundskeeper Simeon Quest needs to choose love.

Jan Thacker is a longtime Alaskan journalist, author, and columnist with 25 years of weekly columns (mostly humor) under her belt. A fourth generation Whitefish, Montanan, in 1975 she and her husband, Troy, packed up their prized possessions (the kids and the new console color TV) and drove to Alaska where they spent eight years in the bush and many years in North Pole. She and Troy currently live in Wasilla where she devotes her time to her writing ministry and cheerleading her daughters, grandchildren, and two great-grandbabies.





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