can god create

ISBN: 9781610361439

God Is Again Preparing a Body for His Son

The war for the soul of the Church is a battle between the corporate expression of lawlessness and the corporate expression of Christ within the Church. God is invading His own house so that false ministries and wrong ways of thinking will be overthrown. In order to do so, He is developing and releasing among us a multitude of apostolic and prophetic ministries, which will have the authority to tear down strongholds and take captive the thoughts of many to the obedience of Jesus Christ.

The Lord wants us to respond to Him with humble obedience in the same way that He responded to the Father 2000 years ago. He did not come to glorify himself, but to reveal the glory of the One who sent Him. As Jesus concluded His earthly ministry, He cried out to the Father and asked that those He loved could have the same relationship with the Father that He had. As the Father was within Him, He was in the Father.

Jesus asked that His people would be plunged into God. He asked that the Father would be within them and that they would be alive in Him. When this happens, a new entity will be revealed to the world. The members of the Body of Christ will be integrated with one another and with Him. The resulting unity will so stun the world that many among the nations, including the Jewish people, will turn to Christ and believe in Him.

This war for the soul of the Church has already begun. What will the outcome be? God is working His purposes out, and this book helps the reader understand His plans for us.


Don Rumble has served the Lord in a Bible-teaching ministry since 1975. He presently serves on the ministry team of Saugerties Christian Fellowship, a local church in Saugerties, New York. The Lord has opened doors of ministry to him all over the world. He is the author of five other books: The Ephesian Connection, The Apostolic and Prophetic Foundation, The Latter Day Glory, Fulfilling the Mystery, and The Coming Increase of Christ in His House.



can god create


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