Defender of the Faith

ISBN: 9781610363006

10 Weird Facts About the Coronation

The Coronation, a momentous occasion. Gold, velvet, rare stones all on display for the public, a representation of royalty and pride. Have you ever looked a little deeper into the imagery? During Charles’ coronation, the king is handed a pearl-studded sceptre, finished with a diamond-encrusted orb. What is the meaning of this? Three swords are carried before him-one of which is blunt, what does this represent?


Did you know special oil is poured onto his head in a private ceremony? Or, that the king wears six robes during the ceremony? What do the four crosses on the king’s crown represent?


In these short but fascinating chapters, you will learn ten interesting facts that will unravel a deeper insight into unspoken traditions of the coronation.

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Defender of the Faith


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